Cloud Posse DevOps "Office Hours" Podcast

Cloud Posse DevOps "Office Hours" (2021-11-10)

November 10, 2021 Cloud Posse Season 3 Episode 45
Cloud Posse DevOps "Office Hours" Podcast
Cloud Posse DevOps "Office Hours" (2021-11-10)
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Cloud Posse holds public "Office Hours" every Wednesday at 11:30am PST to answer questions on all things related to DevOps, Terraform, Kubernetes, CICD. Basically, it's like an interactive "Lunch & Learn" session where we get together for about an hour and talk shop. These are totally free and just an opportunity to ask us (or our community of experts) any questions you may have.

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[00:00:00​] Intro
[00:01:27​] HashiCorp registers to go public (HN thread)
[00:03:30​] Goodbye Microsoft SQL Server, Hello Babelfish
[00:06:45​] “Don't trust instructions from random people on the internet”
[00:11:35​] Grafana OnCall announced
[00:14:22​] Terratest supports validating Terraform code with OPA
[00:17:43​] Lambda now supports pulling images from cross-account ECR
[00:24:20​] You can now share AMIs with Orgs or OUs rather than individual accounts
[00:27:03​] Terraform Config Driven Refactoring (via Matt Gowie)
[00:43:01] Uhoh. Terraform 1.1.0-beta1 drops.
[00:48:45​] PR to Add Bottlerocket Support for cloudposse/terraform-aws-eks-node-group
[00:51:30] How do you suggest doing DB Snapshot Dump and Restore from Production to Dev/Staging/QA envs
[01:03:58​] Outro 


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