Cloud Posse DevOps "Office Hours" Podcast

Cloud Posse DevOps "Office Hours" (2021-11-17)

November 17, 2021 Cloud Posse Season 3 Episode 46
Cloud Posse DevOps "Office Hours" Podcast
Cloud Posse DevOps "Office Hours" (2021-11-17)
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Cloud Posse holds public "Office Hours" every Wednesday at 11:30am PST to answer questions on all things related to DevOps, Terraform, Kubernetes, CICD. Basically, it's like an interactive "Lunch & Learn" session where we get together for about an hour and talk shop. These are totally free and just an opportunity to ask us (or our community of experts) any questions you may have. 

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[00:00:00​] Intro
[00:01:09​] American spy hacked, company stayed silent
[00:02:51​] Fake emails sent from infrastructure owned by the FBI/DHS (the LEEP portal)
[00:06:35] Argo CD v2.2 release candidate
[00:10:00​] Resource Factories: A descriptive approach to Terraform
[00:36:15​] Terraform Module Versions Cli
[00:39:48​] Are there any SQL database (e.g., CockroachDB, Percona) solutions which run in AWS (EC2 or EKS), and outperform AWS Aurora or any proxy recommendations to put in front of Aurora that provide query priority, better replication etc? 
[00:47:56​] Moving from Terragrunt into native Terraform, what are good resources to learn how to split Terraform workspaces for infrastructure? 
[00:52:13​] How many dev teams are using conventional commits? 
[01:00:25​] Outro 


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