Cloud Posse DevOps "Office Hours" Podcast

Cloud Posse DevOps "Office Hours" (2021-12-15)

December 17, 2021 Cloud Posse Season 3 Episode 50
Cloud Posse DevOps "Office Hours" Podcast
Cloud Posse DevOps "Office Hours" (2021-12-15)
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Cloud Posse holds public "Office Hours" every Wednesday at 11:30am PST to answer questions on all things related to DevOps, Terraform, Kubernetes, CICD. Basically, it's like an interactive "Lunch & Learn" session where we get together for about an hour and talk shop. These are totally free and just an opportunity to ask us (or our community of experts) any questions you may have. 

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[00:00:00​] Intro
[00:01:35​] Terraform v1.1.0 released (with state migrations)
[00:04:07​] Terraform Provider for ArgoCD (anyone use it?)
[00:05:15​] GitHub Stars Organized by Category
[00:05:42​] Apple debuts new Open Source website here
[00:06:25​] Summary of the AWS Service Event in the Northern Virginia (US-EAST-1) Region
[00:07:22​] AWS postmortem: Internal ops teams' own monitoring tools went down, had to comb through logs
[00:11:13] The Log4j bug exposes a bigger issue: Open-source funding
[00:18:00​] The USB kill cord for your laptop
[00:18:53​] GitHub Projects for Open Source Roadmaps (Example)
[00:20:32​] Has anyone had any success in configuring Persistent Storage when running EKS on Fargate? @Michael Holt
[00:22:37] Are environment variables inferior to config files in Kubernetes? @sheldonh
[00:34:25​] How turn key is EC2 Image Builder with Terraform? @erik 
[00:40:22] Maintain all the boilerplate for packaging and building projects separate from the code
[00:48:06​] Where does Concourse CI fit in with flux/argo cd and GHA, etc.? @DaniC 
[00:58:18​] Any thoughts/opinions on kitchen-terraform? @jonjitsu
[01:03:15​] Outro 


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