Cloud Posse DevOps "Office Hours" Podcast

Cloud Posse DevOps "Office Hours" (2021-12-22)

December 22, 2021 Cloud Posse Season 3 Episode 51
Cloud Posse DevOps "Office Hours" Podcast
Cloud Posse DevOps "Office Hours" (2021-12-22)
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Cloud Posse holds public "Office Hours" every Wednesday at 11:30am PST to answer questions on all things related to DevOps, Terraform, Kubernetes, CICD. Basically, it's like an interactive "Lunch & Learn" session where we get together for about an hour and talk shop. These are totally free and just an opportunity to ask us (or our community of experts) any questions you may have. 

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[00:00:00​] Intro
[00:01:25​] [email protected] support for S3 CDN Module (inline Lambdas!)
[00:04:45​] MWAA Airflow Module Coming Soon
[00:06:03​] Atmos Help (and README coming soon)
[00:07:23​] Atlantis adds GH allowlist support (after 3 years!)
[00:11:45​] YAAO!!! (Yet Another AWS Outage)
[00:12:21​] PSA If you are using Terraform CLI v1.1.0 or v1.1.1, please upgrade to this new version as soon as possible
[00:14:21​] We’re looking for a service to check DNS registration expiration and SSL certs, across registrars and CAs, for only about a dozen domains.  Any recommendations?
[00:20:19​] Has anyone played with Control Tower Customizations?
[00:21:17​] Start a discussion regarding various Ingress Controllers
[00:36:46​] How are people running spark on kubernetes? 
[00:37:25​] I have 3 different resource-usage profiles among the K8s services and jobs that I run. I want to isolate the pods with erratic resource usage from the front-end pods, and also run jobs on spot instances. Should I use node groups to do this? Should resource limits be enough to manage this?
[00:51:23​] Is there any way you can restrict IO for each pod? 
[00:55:03​] Outro 


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